"a solid example of the classic metal style. Unpolished, unadorned, and unashamedly old-school" - Indy Metal Vault (USA)

"A self titled masterpiece... It is a clear fact that this band has chosen the right musical direction, they continue to rise positively in my esteem" 86/100 - Metal To Infinity (Belgium)

"the music is a cascade of riffs and solos which venerate the 80’s while still sounding like it could party in 2019" - Hollywood Metal (USA)

Six tracks where the love for pure and classic metal is clear! ...the whole thing well-balanced with some epic drops. 85/100" - HardRockHeavyMetal (Spain)

"Sylent Storm produce the sort of sound you can imagine a young Hetfield and Ulrich salivating over in 1981... the band’s undoubted enthusiasm carries the day on righteous stompers like Patriots of Metal, which has a real Tokyo Blade vibe about it, and it’s hard not to get carried away when the band hits full throttle." - Sentinel Daily (Australia)

"Listeners will raise their fists high to the authentic traditional heavy metal... Fans who have a deep affection for the NWOTHM will enjoy this album. 7/10" - YesterdazeNews Magazine (USA)

"Sylent Storm is an absolute killer of a release... a record chock full of all the things we know and love from 80’s metal. It’s got pace, power, melody and no shortage of skill. There are choruses to get your teeth into and solos to get lost in" - Decibel Geek (England)

"Just discovered this new band, Sylent Storm and their song "Patriots of Metal". If you're a fan of old-school heavy metal, you'll love this tune! - Mega-Depth (USA)

"Six great songs to each one better... If the SYLENT STORM mini album is a blast, the version that they have included of the fabulous Omen [The Axeman], is... Fabulous!" - 2112 Rock Station Blog (South America)

"There’s no disputing the passion and ability of the musicianship on display – Sylent Storm understand the necessary hooks, harmonies, and songwriting flow to achieve stellar traditional metal output. 7/10" - Dead Rhetoric (USA)

"The western coast of the USA's traditional metal onslaught continues, with Oregon based Sylent Storm; a new name to watch. Welcome aboard, look forward to many years of quality releases. 7.5 / 10" - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (USA)

"SYLENT STORM do not replicate the oversaturated retro sound of nowadays, instead they absorb multiple sounds in order to perfect theirs" - The Forgotten Scroll (Greece)


The traditional Heavy Metal band SYLENT STORM was formed in Medford Oregon on March 4th 2013 by lead vocalist (and then drummer) Jym Harris, along with guitarist James Lind, and bassist Matt Foster. After their first gig in July of that year, the band briefly added a second guitarist (first Randy Stevens, then later Jenny Logan) but eventually returned to being a trio. Dozens of shows around Southern Oregon were played over the next two years with acts like RAVEN, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, SPELLCASTER, NIGHT DEMON, DIEMONDS, WEHRMACHT, SKELATOR and many more.

The band began work their self-titled EP in early 2015. Once all the tracked were recorded, Engineer Chris Slocum closed the doors at Jackson Street Studios and the recordings were left unmixed. The members soon parted ways and Harris decided to focus on different opportunities rather than rebuild the lineup.

While active in other projects, Harris was frequently asked about SYLENT STORM, as the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal movement became more popular. Recognizing a possible demand, he had Doug Hill at Medford’s 60 Psycho Hum Studios mix and master the six-track release. It was picked up by Stormspell Records and a physical CD was made available in December of 2018. Two weeks later, the band’s self-titled EP showed up on many “Best Of 2018” lists online.

As more press releases, favorable reviews and mentions showed up in Heavy Metal publications, interest in the band started to grow. Since Foster appeared uninterested in the project and Lind was now living elsewhere focusing more on becoming a vocalist, it became clear that a new lineup was needed to move forward. Harris brought in two of his BLOODMOON WARNING band mates; bassist Mike Pugh and lead guitarist Michael Ian Brisbane (Smith) plus former Black Halo guitarist Jack Costa. After years of suffering from a type of tendinitis referred to as “drummer’s elbow”, Harris remained on lead vocals but retired from the drum throne, handing those duties to former Aptera drummer Rich Psonak,

As of early 2019, the now “critically acclaimed” EP has gained the band a moderate following in the NWOTHM community, and with their first professional music video in the works, the band prepares for the upcoming year. Live dates have been booked on many stages, big and small, and new songs are being fine-tuned for a hopeful late 2019 full-length release.

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